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Southern Illinois
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Southern Illinois
Deposits are $200. We do accept PayPal or personal checks for deposits. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! But,if needed, we will move a deposit to the next litter ONLY. If a deposit is placed on a litter, and a puppy is actually picked in that litter and you decide you need to wait or change mind for any reason, that deposit is FORFIETED.  Once you pick a puppy out in a litter, we will not move that deposit to a different litter in the future.  

I accept Walmart money Grams, PayPal, US Postal Money Orders and cash only.  I will accept a personal check for the deposit and final payments.   All pupies being shipped must be paid for 5-6 weeks of age, depending payment method with shipping included.  Puppies being pick up we accept final payment at pick up.