"I searched for a large hypoallergenic dog for a year before happening upon Becky.  I am allergic to dogs and wanted a doodle of some sort. I found her website and shortly thereafter spoke to her on the phone.  I sent her a deposit that very day.  I knew from our first conversation that I wanted our puppy to come from Becky's home.  The dogs and puppies are raised in her home and not in a kennel.  Becky was smart, informative, kind, warm, and clearly passionate about her dogs.  I had spoken to many breeders and knew immediately that I was making a great choice.  Little did I know we would soon get the most amazing puppy!  Our puppy, Oliver, has the greatest temperament.  Becky made sure to handle Oliver often from his early days knowing he'd be coming to a home with small children.  I have been blown away by the nurturing that Becky has taken with both our puppy and us!  If we ever get another dog we will not look anywhere else.  Thank you Becky for all you've done and continue to do for families looking for the perfect furry addition!!"    ~ K. Davis
I worked with Becky for several weeks before we finally picked up Barney. We love him! He’s healthy, happy, super smart, and very affectionate. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. When we picked up Barney, Becky had a little bag with a puppy kit plus a couple of little stuffed toys that smelled like his mother. His little bag matched is little collar. I felt like we were coming home from the hospital with our new baby! Barney was very comfortable with our family from the minute we brought him into the house. We could tell Becky had spent lots of time socializing her puppies. Becky has been quick to reply to any question or email about dogs in general. She knows about health, food, behavior, training, you name it – she has experience. Since the day we brought Barney home he’s been quick to train, he sleeps all night, he’s learned to heal, stay, sit, down, fetch, and more. He’s a JOY to be around. The newfiepoo breed is such a great combination. Barney is a fun loving, beautiful dog with an incredible personality. I have worked with other breeders and not every dog turns out that way. It takes experience and I’m glad we found Becky. ~Lori

We have gotten two puppies from Big Doodle pups; a Newfypoo and a Great Danoodle. I am awaiting my third puppy, another Newfypoo, in a few weeks
These dogs are not only the sweetest, smartest dogs I’ve ever owned, but they’re also the most beautiful. I always get stopped by people asking about the breed. They are the best family dogs and train very easily.  
Becky takes great care of the animals and is always willing to keep in touch with all the families. Everyone who does business with Big Doodle Pups adores their dogs, they are so easy to love. Highly recommend these puppies!     ~Ursula & Peter Puglia

We were in need of a hypoallergenic dog for our home, so I came across Becky’s website. We had small dogs in the past, so unsure on how a bigger dog would fit into our home and lifestyle. Becky was very patient and understanding with all my questions about temperament, size, shedding, etc. She offered up names of past puppy parents so I could chat about the dogs and expectations. This was really helpful to our family in making this decision. We absolutely LOVE our Great DaNoodle, Wally, and can’t imagine our lives without him. He is so good with our kids, other dogs, and people – truly a gentle giant. Becky made the process so easy and seamless that we decided a year later to get another puppy from her! Our St. Berdoodle, Mabel, is so sweet and the perfect match for Wally. They are beautiful dogs that have great temperaments and make our lives more enjoyable. ~Sherry Miller

When we decided that our next addition would be a Great Danoodle, I started researching reputable breeders. My search led straight to Becky! From my first contact with her, I knew she was friendly, up front and I knew she truly loves dogs! Even though Illinois is far from Texas, I never felt far from my puppy! The adventure we took to go pick him up was and continues to be worth it! Bruin was an amazing puppy and almost 3 years later, he is the best dog! When it's time for our next addition, I wouldn't look anywhere else!    ~Tricia G.
“We are extremely pleased with our decision to adopt our St. Berdoodles, Otto and Fritz (the boys), from Becky and Big Doodle Pups.  They are amazing puppies, and have been wonderful for our family!  They are very tolerant of our rambunctious 2 and 4 year olds, and have become fast friends with our oldest son.  They get along really well with each other and are catching on to house training quickly.  Everyone who sees them either in person or in pictures wants to know more about the puppies, the breed and their breeder!  The boys have exceeded our expectations in every way!  Becky's availability for questions and providing a forum for new owners really shows that she cares tremendously for the dogs she breeds, as well as her clients.”      
~   Courtney and Adam Riddle, Missouri

I had an unique goal! As an Occupational Therapist, I was looking to enhance my therapy sessions with patients. I knew a dog would be the perfect choice. I researched many breeds and many breeders! And then I met Becky. She answered all of my questions, throughout the whole process, and I felt confident that she would help pick the right puppy for me!  Gracie has been home for just a short time now and I have to say she is AMAZING!  Her temperament is sweet, gentle and loving! She is also very, very smart and responds wonderfully to all my training. Gracie is well on her way to becoming my occupational therapy canine assistant.  She will someday help improve the lives of so many needy people. I can't thank Becky enough for helping my dream become a reality!  
~ Kathy S.
The word that immediately comes to mind to describe Becky is “genuine”.   She is someone who’s honest, friendly manner makes you instantly feel like you have known her forever.   It’s hard to believe that my search for our next furry family member began over a year ago.  I searched the web for a large breed of dog that had limited shedding and I discovered big doodle pups.   I feel so fortunate that I found Becky.  Not once did she ever make me feel like my questions were silly or a bother.  Having purchased purebred dogs in the past, I can attest to the fact that Becky is an exceptional breeder.   She maintains the highest of standards and this is not just a business to her but rather an extension of her loving family.  She cares deeply about her animals and they are all a part of her immediate world.  I think of her as “Mama Beck” to her animals and her prospective families.   Now, after getting one of her pups I also see that her nurturing, loving way is universally recognized by all who become a part of her doodle family.   This entire experience has been a very positive one right from the get go.  Over the course of this past year, Becky kept in constant touch with me about the mom, the litter and the pups.  When our Newfypoo (Hugo) was born, she sent pictures and updates about our new baby and took care of so many extra details in delivering Hugo to us.  She ensured his wellbeing and was immediately available to handle all matters regarding his shipping.  Hugo arrived to us healthy, spunky, smelling fabulous and with a special twinkle in his eyes.  Becky’s pups are beautiful, intelligent and so easy to train.  To thank  Becky every day for the rest of my new fur babies life still feels like it wouldn’t be enough to express how grateful we are that she let us be his forever family.  Hugo is a truly stunning looking green eyed, chocolate brown Newfypoo.  He is absolutely everything we could have hoped for and so much more.  Everyone who meets him can’t get over what a gorgeous puppy he is with such a sweet personality.  I cannot recommend Becky highly enough and will be forever grateful that I found her and her remarkable dogs!    
~  M. Jesperson, Thunder Bay ON

Wabash Valley Doodles  

aka Big Doodle Pups
Because of Becky I have the love of my life! Oliver “Ollie” Pickles is the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest, smartest (yet goofiest) pup I’ve ever had. 
The minute he was put into my arms, we bonded and it truly was love at first sight. 
Becky was amazing to work with! She treats us like family. Keeping us in the loop with the puppies as they grow. And she loves to hear back about how her “grand pups” are doing. Never for a moment did I worry about getting a puppy in Illinois, and I was in NYC. I knew she loved each puppy! 
I will admit that I didn’t listen.. despite the pictures she showed me! Despite the testimonials. Ollie is HUGE! He is big and beautiful! And he knows it! We get stopped everywhere in NYC and after I assure them he’s not part bear... I proudly tell them where he came from! 
If you’re looking for a new member of your family. That doesn’t know how big they are. That is the sweetest pupper ever... you found the right lady! Becky and her dogs will deliver!!!  Thank you Becky!!!!         ~Tracy and Oliver “Ollie” Pickles 

"I just want to start off by saying I was skeptical about buying a puppy online because I had been scammed before, but once I spoke with Becky she reassured me & set all my fears aside. She's brutally honest & trustworthy also very loving & caring towards her dogs & puppies. She also kept me updated weekly with important information, pictures & videos of my SWEETHEART. Becky was very helpful to me throughout the entire process all the way til I got my puppy; even after that!! I love my Saint Berdoodle very much!!! He's easily trained & very smart he is a wonderful addition to the family.  I'd recommend anyone who's looking for a Saint Berdoodle to Becky!! It was all worth it && I look forward to perhaps getting a future puppy from future litters"   
~  April G; Houston TX

Hi, my Name is Kathy, I'm in Boston MA. I am the proud Mom to five of Becky’s much loved Doodles.
Put simply, Becky is the ONLY Doodle breeder I would ever consider!

My pups all came to me, very healthy, very well socialized and full of happiness

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Ollie Pickles